A2Z Global Energy Solutions is a leading Energy Audit, Fire Audit, Electrical Safety Audit, Power Quality Audit, Power Quality Solutions, Thermography Services provider and also dealing in UPS, Harmonic Filters/Line Filters, Servo Stabilizers, APFC Panels Ultra Isolation Transformers etc.

The company aims to promote new and innovative ideas in the field of renewable energy, energy conservation along with educating the general public and other stakeholders about the social, economic & environmental benefits of using energy efficient products and renewable energy systems. Awareness generation is an important prerequisite, however much more need should also be given at implementation phase. Thus, our motto is not only to spread thoughts/ideas but also to contribute in the practical implementation of the ideas and help in solving the problems faced in technical and commercial development of energy conservation devices and technologies.

Our's technology simplifies the understanding of the quality of power itself, is highly compatible & helps our customers enhance electrical network power quality.   Our innovations can be found in almost any sector, spanning from the industrial, commercial to the utility sectors.  Some of the more substantial installations include Data Centers, Plastic & Silicon Factories, Electrical Utilities, Commercial Buildings, Car Manufacturers, Healthcare Centers, Port Authorities, etc.


We are specializes in developing, engineering, and implementing energy efficiency and energy savings projects for educational, governmental and commercial customers. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ costs while saving the environment.


We value respect, honesty, integrity, and character, and we are improve the world by creating energy independence for our clients. We believe in building strong relationships based on trust and commitment


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