Substantial saving of energy and power factor improvement. Optimum performance of Electrical or Electronic equipment is High Dependent on stability of the applied mains voltage. Both under voltage produce harmful effects.

A2Z has designed Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer to protect the costly electrical or electronic equipment from under voltage fluctuations. These Stabilizer correct the voltage to the rated value automatically and conserve energy by reducing total losses of electrical system connected to it.

A2Z Serve Controlled A.C voltage stabilizer essentially work on feedback principal and consist of:-

  • A continuously variable voltage auto transfer operated by low inertia servo motor.
  • A Bulk Boost Transformer Solid State IC based control circuit with electronic switching of the Servo Motor.
  • The control circuit continuously monitors the output voltage and looks for any error in the output. Any deviation in the output in immediately corrected by switching on the Servo motor in appropriate direction in order to induce the required correction voltage through the series connected Buck Boost Transformer.
  • The output voltage can be adjusted by the help of output Adjust Control provided on the panel in Auto mode.
  • The High/Low limit indicators indicate the limits within which the stabilizer provide the pre-set stabilized Output Voltage.
  • A2Z Servo Voltage Stabilizers are available in Single/Three Phases, Oil/Air Cooled and 1KVA to 500KVA.


  • Fast correction of output voltage.
  • Output voltage regulation.
  • No waveform distortion.
  • Works over wise input Frequency.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Specially designed IC control circuit for high reliability.
  • Auto/Manual operation facility.
  • Voltmeter with facility to read input & output voltage.
  • Over & Under Voltage indications.
  • Over & Under Voltage and single phasing protection (optional).
  • Output Voltage adjustability on panel.
  • Modular design, Easy of servicing.